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Green education and green skills serve as a catalyst for transformation. EU4Green is introducing innovative teaching methodologies, notably the development of micro-credentials modules. A multi-stakeholder needs assessment supports the identification of topics relevant for the Western Balkan economies. These modules are designed to foster critical green skills, encapsulating core areas such as environmental awareness, circular economy, sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, life-long learning can build and strengthen capacities on operational management and implementation processes and addresses transversal skills to deal with changing demands in work life.

The challenge lies in addressing the skills gap and education quality in the Western Balkans. The region has made progress in its educational landscape, yet there is still much to do to align with global standards. Therefore, EU4Green is dedicated to enhancing the quality and relevance of formal education and promoting the acquisition of additional competencies. The project is investing in initiatives to raise teaching standards, enrich teacher training, and boost continuous professional development.

Mission of EU4Green is to drive towards green, sustainable economies in the Western Balkans. Through the commitment to high-quality green education, the aim is to equip future generations with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a green economy.

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Mak Kapetanović

Nov 07, 2023



The Regional Workshop brought together key educational stakeholders to identify needs in educational learning and training and specify thematic areas for green skills development and capacity building in the region.

Oct 04, 2023


Regional Workshop in Sarajevo Explores Green Education and Micro-Credential Modules

The overarching goal was to support the Western Balkans in aligning with the Green Agenda and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.


May 09, 2023


EU4Green: Entering the next phase

On Monday 8th May 2023 the Project Steering Committee met online, as EU4Green enters a new stage and heads towards implementation of activities in the six Western Balkan economies.

Chinnapong -

Jun 17, 2022


EU4Green: Kick-off for Western Balkans project

On 17 June, the Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, officially launches the EU4Green project with a hybrid event in Montenegro.