The Western Balkans is channeling its efforts into an aspect of the Green Agenda that hits close to home: soil depollution. This initiative aligns with the EU Soil Strategy for 2030 and signifies the project’s commitment to prioritize soil health, fostering a healthier environment and, by extension, healthier societies.

The primary goals of this initiative are ambitious yet achievable: initializing the identification of diffuse soil pollution and contaminated sites, guidance for the creation of an inventory and register of these sites, and stipulating the remediation of those posing a significant risk to human health and the environment.

The ultimate vision is that by 2050, all soils in the Western Balkans are in ‘good condition’, a goal that is in line with the proposed EU Soil Monitoring Law from July 2023.

This initiative is bolstered by three key work packages. Establishing monitoring of diffuse soil pollution, to strengthen capacities for soil quality monitoring in the Western Balkans to enhance the understanding of areas requiring soil protection from diffuse pollution and degradation.

In addition, an inventory of contaminated sites will be initiated by identifying contaminated sites and key soil pollution activities. EU4Green will lay the groundwork for assessing, prioritizing, and remediating these sites. This work package is critical for improving knowledge exchange and identifying best practices for soil pollution mitigation.

With the introduction of harmonized laboratory facilities and capacities, EU4Green stresses the importance of having reliable data across all environmental media. By harmonizing methods, quality control, and coordination of laboratory facilities in the six economies, this action will set the stage for the successful implementation of the Green Agenda.



Mar 22, 2024



Workshop presented the capacities and equipment of environmental laboratories and exchanging knowledge about the status of laboratories dealing with organic and inorganic contaminants.


Nov 08, 2023


Soil Pollution – Interview with EU4Green experts

According to the guidelines of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans combating land degradation and restoring degraded land should include sustainable food production, ecosystem conservation and land restoration. - Johannes Compaan

Nov 06, 2023


Implementation of the Nitrates Directives

The main objectives of the workshop were to develop starting points for a continuous cooperation with the beneficiaries, while helping to set up better networking and communication with Western Balkans.

Oct 17, 2023


International Workshop Addresses Soil Contamination and Monitoring Strategies

Dedicated to addressing soil contamination and monitoring strategies, an international workshop held in Tirana, Albania, convened experts and stakeholders from across Europe and the Western Balkans.


May 09, 2023


EU4Green: Entering the next phase

On Monday 8th May 2023 the Project Steering Committee met online, as EU4Green enters a new stage and heads towards implementation of activities in the six Western Balkan economies.

Chinnapong -

Jun 17, 2022


EU4Green: Kick-off for Western Balkans project

On 17 June, the Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, officially launches the EU4Green project with a hybrid event in Montenegro.