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Montenegro is a geographically small economy, but with a diverse landscape of high mountain ranges and a 300 km coastline. Following the 1991 Zabljak Parliamentary Declaration, the 1992 Constitution of Montenegro defined it as an ecological state.

EU accession negotiations with Montenegro were opened in June 2012. The Green Agenda and Sustainable connectivity cluster has significant links to Montenegro’s Economic Reform Programme and its strategic priorities in the area of environment. On its EU and Green Agenda path, and in line with its status of an ecological state, Montenegro is focused on a number of important reforms related to waste management, review and implementation of the transport development strategy, water quality, nature protection and climate change.


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Apr 24, 2024


Online workshop for AEI and monitoring in Montenegro

Agri-environmental indicators (AEI) and monitoring workshop for Montenegro was held today, as part of a series of workshops for each Western Balkans economy.


Mar 26, 2024


Event date: Mar 26, 2024

On-site expert meeting Skadar lake – Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting with all experts ensured shared understanding of the methodology. The meeting was carried out on-site at Skadar lake.


Mar 25, 2024


Event date: Mar 25, 2024

Monitoring methodologies – workshop

In line with the EU demands certain monitoring activities from its member states regarding species and habitats of Community interest, biodiversity monitoring is an essential part of nature and biodiversity conservation. - Johannes Compaan

Mar 22, 2024


Event date: Mar 21, 2024

Nitrates Directive – bilateral workshop

The main objective was to involve a wider circle of stakeholders in the planning and implementation process, with a specific focus on developing a roadmap for the project’s next steps.

Mak Kapetanović

Nov 06, 2023


Event date: Oct 10-11, 2023

Workshop: National Reference Laboratory

To support the implementation of National Reference Laboratories (NRL) in the six Western Balkans economies, a two-day regional workshop took place in Podgorica, MNE, on 10 and 11 October 2023. - Johannes Compaan

Nov 06, 2023


Event date: Sep 12-13, 2023

Implementation of the Nitrates Directives

The main objectives of the workshop were to develop starting points for a continuous cooperation with the beneficiaries, while helping to set up better networking and communication with Western Balkans.

Sep 21, 2023


EU-Conformity of Waste Management Law in Montenegro

How well is the Montenegrin draft law on Waste Management aligned with the EU Waste Framework Directive?


Sep 11, 2023



Untreated sewage and waste waters are a main source of water pollution and also present a serious concern in some areas of the Western Balkan region.


Jun 23, 2023


Wastewater treatment protects environment and health

Proper urban wastewater treatment is crucial for improving public health and environmental well-being.


May 09, 2023


EU4Green: Entering the next phase

On Monday 8th May 2023 the Project Steering Committee met online, as EU4Green enters a new stage and heads towards implementation of activities in the six Western Balkan economies.

Chinnapong -

Jun 17, 2022


EU4Green: Kick-off for Western Balkans project

On 17 June, the Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, officially launches the EU4Green project with a hybrid event in Montenegro.