Online workshop for AEI and monitoring in Montenegro

Apr 24, 2024

Copyright: Umweltbundesamt

With attendance of experts from Montenegrin Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, EU4Green experts have provided more information about the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans (GAWB) and about EU4Green, respectively connected to the AEI’s in focus of the project and steps which are needed to be made in the coming period.

The workshop program relies on the outcomes of the regional AEI workshop which was held in September 2023 in Tirana, but also on other previous EU4Green activities, such as the regional Gross Nutrient Balance indicator online workshop and the High Nature Value Farmland webinar held in February 2024.

EU4Green experts were able to share and explain methods on selected AEIs, calculation and assessment from the EU and EU member states and share reports which can serve as a sort of guideline for Montenegrin experts who will be collecting data over the next several months. Data collection, which will consequently be analyzed and included in relevant reporting in the future, is an important step in each economy’s implementation of the GAWB.

During the workshop, data yet available and to be collected was discussed, making sure that the following steps in data collection can be performed as efficiently as possible. Among others, European Environment Agency (EEA) approach of High Nature Value farmland in Montenegro was a topic of the workshop and experts are invited to participate in the EEA webinar in May 2024, in relation to land use data.

The aim of the agreed effort is that data collection phase is finished in fall in all six economies, allowing the Sustainable Agriculture experts on the project to initiate the next phase of this project pillar.