Regional Workshop in Sarajevo Explores Green Education and Micro-Credential Modules

Oct 04, 2023

Copyright: Mak Kapetanovic

Key stakeholders in education and sustainability convened in Sarajevo for a pivotal Regional Workshop focused on advancing green education and fostering the development of micro-credential modules. Organized under the EU4Green project, which aims to facilitate the transition to modern, resource-efficient economies in the Western Balkans, the workshop aimed to identify educational needs and outline thematic areas for green skills enhancement.

Representatives from educational ministries, quality assurance agencies, training businesses, and non-governmental organizations gathered to deliberate on strategies for integrating environmental and climate considerations into education systems. The overarching goal was to support the Western Balkans in aligning with the Green Agenda and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Central to the discussions were the challenges of modernizing curricula and ensuring the relevance of education in the context of sustainable development. Participants underscored the importance of improving formal education quality, including teacher standards, training, and continuous professional development. Additionally, there was a strong emphasis on building competencies beyond traditional educational frameworks.

One of the key outcomes of the workshop was the endorsement of micro-credential modules as a means to support curriculum modernization and promote inclusive education across the Western Balkans. Micro-credentials, tailored to specific skills and competencies, were identified as a flexible and effective tool for addressing the region’s evolving educational needs.

The specific objectives of the workshop included articulating the requirements for green skill development, identifying regulatory frameworks for accrediting micro-credentials, and soliciting commitments to co-develop micro-credential portfolios for pilot initiatives in selected economies or regions.

Moving forward, stakeholders expressed their commitment to advancing the EU4Green agenda and implementing green education initiatives. The workshop served as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration and driving progress towards sustainable, inclusive education systems in the Western Balkans.