How significant is sludge

Dec 14, 2023

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Normally, sludge isn’t associated with a resource that can be used in various fields such as agriculture and energy. However, that’s precisely what we discussed at the conference ‘Perspectives on Managing Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plants (PPOV).’

Dr. Vladimir Pavićević, a professor at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, led us through this exciting topic, and the lecture was attended by both female and male students, inspired to apply fresh knowledge in future careers related to managing wastewater.

Insightful lectures were delivered by experts from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Associate Professor Dr. Vesna Pešić spoke about the factors influencing sludge quality and how to further utilize this significant resource.

Professor Dr. Đurđa Kerkez highlighted the importance of sludge in extracting phosphorus from wastewater treatment plants, focusing on the technological aspects of this process. Phosphorus is a mineral that is increasingly exploited, and excessive use of this essential element could lead to a shortage in the global market, hence this process being crucial for preserving phosphorus.

Associate Professor Dr. Anita Leovac Mačerak presented the benefits of using sludge and treated wastewater in agriculture. Sludge is a resource that could be crucial for soil enrichment and yield improvement.

We had the opportunity to present the work program related to reducing wastewater pollution within the EU4Green project, as well as the results of the workshop held at the end of November 2023 on the topic of operator training. The aim of this project segment is, among other things, to contribute to establishing professional operator training in the region, following international standards.

The conference was organized within the Water Forum at the Belgrade Fair, which, besides innovative water management ideas, also presented numerous exhibitors showcasing their products and inventions in water management. Technological development brings solutions that contribute to better and more efficient water management and the preservation of water resources.

The conference was organized by the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (AWTSE).