Feb 20, 2024

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In the ongoing pursuit of sustainable development in the Western Balkans, EU4Green remains dedicated to shaping a greener future through its education initiatives. The education activities align seamlessly with the European Commission’s Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between policy and implementation by operationalizing green education based on the emerging educational and training needs outlined in the Green Agenda.

A significant accomplishment within the EU4Green education actions is the successful completion of the “Report on the Competencies Required for the Green Transformation” by the end of 2023. This milestone of joint work between EU4Green and World University Service, Austria reflects the culmination of a stakeholder needs assessment during the Regional Education Workshop and extensive secondary research.

Addressing Skill Gaps

The stakeholder needs assessment highlighted a crucial gap in the training and certification of Urban Waste Water Treatment Plant (UWWTP) operators. To address this gap, EU4Green supports the economies to establish the professional training for the UWWTP personnel. This initiative aligns with the clear plans of Western Balkans economies for the implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (91/271/EC).

Holistic Learning Portfolios

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, EU4Green is emphasizing life-long learning portfolios. These portfolios aim to establish a common understanding of green terminology and provide specialized learning modules aligned with EU4Green’s thematic pillars such as for e.g. green transition, circular economy.

Micro-Credentials for Targeted Learning

In response to the urgent need for eco-friendly practices, EU4Green is exploring the development of  Micro-Credential capacity development portfolios in the above mentioned areas. Micro-credentials offer a personalized, on-demand learning experience, allowing individuals to acquire targeted knowledge swiftly. This approach contrasts with the lengthy timeframes associated with traditional degrees.

Networking and Collaboration

EU4Green’s networking activities with organizations such as the European Training Foundation (ETF), ERISEE and UNICEF aim to foster continuous dialogue and identify synergies in education activities. Scheduled future engagements include discussions on Micro-credentials related work and projects with educational institutions until the project’s conclusion in 2025.

Collaborations with NGOs, including the Build Green Group in Albania, play a pivotal role in EU4Green’s strategy. A planned follow-up workshop with NGOs in 2024 will gather diverse perspectives on capacity-building, incorporating insights on current initiatives in the WB6 region.

EU4Green’s commitment to advancing sustainable education remains steadfast. The project continues to evolve, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious future for the Western Balkans.

The report mentioned is available upon request via communication officers, please find the contacts here.

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