Climate Bonds Initiative

Dec 15, 2023

Copyright: Climate Bonds Initiative

With the Climate Bonds Initiative, EU4Green has successfully executed an impactful Training Programme, engaging with 33 participants from 5 different Western Balkan economies.

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international organisation working to mobilise global capital for climate action. The aim is to develop a large and liquid Green and Climate Bonds market that will help drive down the cost of capital for climate projects and improve access to lower-cost debt in emerging markets.

Empowering local authorities to navigate the intricacies of sustainable and transition finance not only fortifies their ties with the EU but also catalyzes regional cooperation and facilitates access to more cost-effective capital.

Insights from the Training Program:

  • Session One – GSS+ Bonds Training: Our expert training team delivered a comprehensive understanding of GSS+ bonds, elucidating their pivotal role in reshaping financial markets. Participants gained insights into the mutual benefits for investors and issuers.
  • Session Two – Deep Dive in Taxonomy: Participants delved into the significance of taxonomies, explored sector criteria embedded in these instruments, and grasped the crucial aspect of interoperability among existing classification systems.
  • Session Three – Roadmap to a Credible and Ambitious Transition: Attendees were equipped with a thorough overview of the transition concept. They explored emerging transition planning priorities and delved into the principles and requirements for crafting a robust, ambitious, and credible transition plan.