Celebrating Green Progress: #WeDidIt Campaign Highlights of EU4Green project in the Western Balkans

Jan 15, 2024

Copyright: Umweltbundesamt

As part of our commitment to transparency and public engagement, we are excited to introduce the #WeDidIt campaign, aimed at spotlighting the accomplishments of EU4Green in the Western Balkans. Through this initiative, we seek to celebrate tangible environmental successes, fostering optimism among citizens while promoting accountability in governance.

Highlighting Achievements:

The #WeDidIt campaign serves as a platform to showcase the achievements of EU4Green regional and local achievements as they successfully implement measures and reforms under the Green Agenda directives. By focusing on concrete actions, such as the finalization of environmental strategies and the exploration of environmental laboratory capacities in the Western Balkans, we aim to demonstrate the positive impact of collaborative efforts on the environment and society.

Promoting Collaboration:

The #WeDidIt campaign also aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, including the European Union Delegation and national governments. By showcasing best practices and successful initiatives, we can inspire other economies to replicate and adapt successful strategies, ultimately driving progress towards common environmental goals across the region.

As we celebrate the achievements highlighted in the #WeDidIt campaign, we recognize that our work is far from over. Moving forward, we remain committed to supporting local governments in their efforts to promote environmental sustainability and address pressing challenges. Through continued collaboration and engagement, we can build a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for all citizens of the Western Balkan economies.