Water monitoring – bilateral workshop

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The workshop started the preparation of a monitoring development plan for surface and groundwater monitoring, leading to compliance with the Water Framework Directive.

23 November 2024

Work on surface and ground water monitoring continues

The bilateral workshop on Water Monitoring under the pillar Depollution Water was held in Belgrade as part of a series of bilateral workshops held in all six economies.

Building on the information from the online regional Kick-off Workshop on in March 2023, the main objective was to develop starting points for a continuous cooperation with the beneficiaries and to gain a better understanding about the regional baseline, challenges and opportunities.

The event included different stakeholders, such as Ministries for Agriculture and Environment, Water Monitoring/Management Departments, Environment Agencies, Hydrometeorological institutes and others.

The partial completion of the development plan for surface and groundwater monitoring, was presented and discussed, laying basis for further efforts and cooperation between EU4Green and the involved beneficiaries and stakeholders.