URBAN WASTE WATER – Online conference

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Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants – staff and guidance

In order to drive a green, sustainable economy in the Western Balkans region, it is important to decrease the pollution of the surface water by improving the treatment of urban wastewaters. This goal can only be achieved in case urban wastewater treatment plants (UWWTP) are constructed and properly operated. Proper operation requires well educated staff and clear guidance on the implementation and execution of wastewater law. In order to assess the impact of urban wastewater treatment to the aquatic environment and also to assess the operation of the UWWTP, a comprehensive (electronic) data management is necessary, which fulfils the data requirements of all relevant stakeholders. EU4Green encourages and offers support in development of routines for enforcing wastewater legislation and for UWWTP data management by transferring the expertise from Austrian water legislation, administration and execution to relevant water and wastewater stakeholders across the Western Balkan economies.