EU4Green Workshop: Climate Change adaptation in Agriculture

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EU4Green Workshop : Climate Change adaptation in Agriculture: Support strategic approaches and preventive measures for sustainable water use.

Topic: Sustainable Agriculture.

When: 21st September 2023.

Where: Regional workshop in Tirana.

On 21st September 2023, EU4Green organized a regional workshop in Tirana on climate change adaptation in agriculture and strategies promoting sustainable water utilization.

The primary objective was understanding beneficiaries’ challenges resulting from climate change and recognizing present strategies for climate adaptation and water conservation. Structured around five pivotal themes, including Socio-Economic Development, Crop and Livestock Production, and Natural Resources (both Water and Soil), the session charted the roadmap for the assessment report.

A discussion led by Andreas Bartel from EU4Green, unpacked the framework of climate change adaptation in agriculture, addressing the direct effects and economic implications of climate change on agriculture. Emphasis was laid on necessary strategic steps, crucial elements for adaptation, and the requisite information and institutional capacities. Key takeaways highlighted the need for expansive knowledge on agriculture and climate issues, enhanced inter-institutional collaboration, and widespread knowledge dissemination.

The afternoon session focused on sustainable water use measures in light of climate change. A breakout session captured beneficiaries’ perspectives on climate change repercussions for the Western Balkans’ agriculture and explored sustainable water use strategies.


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