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Regional Hybrid Workshop on Air Quality Management in Sarajevo.

31 January and 1 February 2024

Tackling two major air pollution sources

The two-day Air Quality workshop specifically addressed the segment of individual heating sources at the local level, focusing on air quality management plans and financing opportunities for changing energy sources in households and burning of agricultural waste.

Air quality plans are required under the Ambient Air Quality Directives to address air quality problems, while Air quality modelling is a necessary tool for developing an air quality plan. In addition, the effectiveness of individual measures on emissions and subsequently on concentrations of air pollutants is required to estimate the overall impact of all measures and the air quality plan on air pollutant concentrations.

Emissions from domestic heating and agricultural waste burning are two major sources of air pollution. Therefore, the workshop placed the focus on these issues and involved the local level of government.

The workshop was led by experts from the Austrian Environmental Agency who presented general requirements for air quality plans and programs, as well as examples of good practices for financing heating measures.