Collaboration advances Kosovo’s* Environmental Strategy for the Next Decade

Nov 14, 2023

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Date:  November 9, 2023,

Kosovo* is actively working on the “Strategy for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development 2022 – 2031“. The EU4Green project is playing an important role in the finalization of this document by ensuring that Kosovo*’s strategy aligns with the broader objectives of the Green Agenda and the European Green Deal. Beyond that, EU4Green’s experts will conduct a thorough analysis of the draft strategy to measure its compliance with European environmental directives, estimate the financial requirements needed to implement the strategy over the next ten years, and refine the strategy and its corresponding Action Plan with concrete measures scheduled for execution in the immediate three-year period.

An international expert together with EU4Green project representative, are working alongside the Working Group designated by Kosovo*’s Ministry for Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure to drive these initiatives forward. This collaboration underscores the commitment to shared environmental goals and international standards.

The first workshop, marking the beginning of this collaboration, took place on November 9, 2023, at the Ministry for Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure’s premises. It was a pivotal meeting where participants reflected on the draft strategy’s initial findings, addressing identified compliance gaps with EU Strategies, the Western Balkan Green Agenda, and Kosovo*’s own national strategies.

As Kosovo* continues to refine its environmental and sustainable development roadmap, the EU4Green’s support is ensuring that the strategy is both ambitious and achievable, setting a sustainable course for the nation’s future.

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