Inspiring Progress: #ItCanBeDone Campaign Showcases Achievements in Green Agenda Adoption in Western Balkans

Jan 08, 2024

Copyright: Irida Haxhi

In our ongoing commitment to advancing sustainability and environmental stewardship in the Western Balkans, we have launched the #ItCanBeDone campaign, through EU4Green social media channels.

This initiative aims to highlight success stories from different economies within the region, showcasing tangible achievements in the adoption of the Green Agenda. By sharing these examples of progress, we seek to inspire and motivate governments, civil society, and citizens to pursue similar initiatives and drive positive change.

Showcasing Success Stories:

The #ItCanBeDone campaign serves as a platform to showcase successful initiatives and innovations in environmental sustainability across the Western Balkans. Through a series of curated success stories, we aim to demonstrate that progress is not only possible but also achievable through dedication, collaboration, and innovative thinking. By highlighting  successful initiatives taken from European Union projects, Civil Society, Private Sector or Governments, we aim to inspire other economies within the region to emulate these successes.

Fostering Collaboration and Learning:

One of the key objectives of the #ItCanBeDone campaign is to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among economies within the Western Balkans. By showcasing successful strategies and initiatives, we provide an opportunity for governments to learn from each other’s experiences and adapt best practices to their own contexts. Through this exchange of ideas and expertise, we can accelerate progress towards common environmental goals and drive collective action across the region.

By demonstrating that progress is achievable, we seek to inspire governments to prioritize green initiatives and invest in sustainable practices. Additionally, by engaging citizens and raising awareness of successful environmental projects, we aim to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility towards environmental conservation efforts. Through continued collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective action, we can build a more sustainable and resilient future for all citizens of the region.

The #ItCanBeDone campaign represents a significant opportunity to celebrate achievements, inspire progress, and drive collective action towards the adoption of the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans. By showcasing success stories and fostering collaboration, we aim to demonstrate that positive change is possible and empower governments, civil society and citizens to take action towards a more sustainable future.

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