First Graders Learn How to Compost to Reduce Waste

Jun 13, 2024

Copyright: Simonida Vukadinovic

During European Green Week, first-grade students from Žarko Zrenjanin Elementary School in Novi Sad rolled up their sleeves and learned how to compost. The students mastered the skills of turning organic and biodegradable waste into fertile compost for the plants in the schoolyard.

Parents joined in, observing and learning alongside their children. This dual approach allowed both younger and older community members to adopt the principles of living in harmony with nature.

Composting not only enriches the soil with essential nutrients but also reduces waste, supports the circular economy, promotes a sustainable lifestyle, and offers many other benefits, as explained by Majda Adlešić, a green entrepreneur and journalist, during the workshop. These workshops inspire all generations to become responsible stewards of the environment and take action to preserve our planet.

The school garden, which already serves various green initiatives, has become a green classroom where the fundamental impacts of composting are explored. This is a great example of how educational institutions can lead society’s green transition.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the EU4Green project, the EkoPogon concept, and the EU Info Point Novi Sad.

This composting workshop at Žarko Zrenjanin Elementary School demonstrated how environmental education can have a positive impact. It planted the seeds of sustainability among the children and their families, promising a greener future for this community.